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Our Officers: 2014
Our EMS Team                  (Photo Courtesy of Wellman Advance)
Wellman Ambulance | Saving Lives! Wellman Ambulance We respond to over 100+ emergency calls annually. Our members volunteer over 21,000 hours of their time. All members are volunteers, none of whom receive monetary compensation for the quality emergency medical services they provide to the community of Wellman.

Our EMTs and Paramedics are continually trained on new techniques, procedures and protocols that enable them to ensure proficiency in the field of Emergency Service.

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Wellman Ambulance

Wellman EMS History: 1976 - 2014

Wellman Ambulance ServiceWellman Ambulance was founded in 1976 by a group of caring residents that realized the need for immediate medical response to our neighbors and friends. We had humble beginnings back then. However, we have grown over the past 36 years based on the needs of the community and the dedication of our volunteer members.

Wellman Ambulance - 1976

Wellman Ambulance - 1986
Today, Wellman Ambulance operates with a highly qualified staff of eleven (11) volunteers on a 24/7 basis. With over 100+ emergency responses a year, Wellman Ambulance provides superior response time to ambulance calls with highly trained and motivated emergency medical personnel. Wellman Ambulance is considered one of the finest EMS organizations in Washington County and that is because of our dedicated members.

Wellman Ambulance ServiceWellman Ambulance ServiceWellman Ambulance ServiceWellman Ambulance Service

Numerous Wellman Ambulance volunteer members have joined the medical community as Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Paramedics. Other members have utilized the ambulance corps as a stepping stone to other professional careers.

And beyond medical emergencies, Wellman Ambulance reaches out to the community with various programs to prepare and educate the public on First Aid and CPR with a variety of emergency-related educational materials.

Wellman Ambulance has served the community for the last 36 years. We are pleased that you cared enough to read about us. In order to continue the tradition within Wellman Ambulance of "neighbors helping neighbors", perhaps you will join us as a volunteer.

Whether you join us as a volunteer or by making a donation, we very much appreciate the support you have provided to us over these many years.

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Katie Kreutz, EMT
Katie Kreutz, EMT

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Wellman Volunteer Ambulance | Emergency Medical Services   Always on Call - Always Professional - Saving Lives
We are a community based non-profit organization and are recruiting volunteers to support the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) we provide to Wellman and the regional area.

The decision to take a new direction is not always easy. If you would like to make a very real contribution to our community, and gain valuable skills that will stay with you for life, apply today.

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